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10 Ultimate Mindset secrets to Next Level Your Acting Career

Learn 10 Crucial "Must Know" Secrets from The World's Most Successful Actors Plus:

  • How mastering your mindset can skyrocket your career 
  • How Tiffany Haddish went from homeless to having it all by using this one mindset practice 
  • The ultimate first step to Mindset 
  • The missing ingredient to making your dreams come true 
  • Oprah’s secret to rapidly accelerate your life and career
Nzinga Moore, founder of Empowered to Act

Hi, I'm Nzinga!

And I’m on a mission to help actors who are serious about their careers fulfill their purpose.

And you don't need new headshots or new representation to get there. Instead, you just need the mindset that successful working actors live by to help begin you on your journey to get mentally and emotionally unstuck, break through resistance, and fulfill your purpose without excuses or fears.

That’s where 10 Ultimate Mindset Secrets to "Next Level" Your Acting Career comes in.

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These 10 Ultimate Mindset Secrets are a complete game changer and will make the biggest impact in your career.